Change Makers

Children are considered to be the most important asset of the nation. However, at the same time, they constitute one of the most vulnerable groups of the society. YCDA, through various programme empower children by building their self-esteem, increasing their skills, embracing their individuality, and providing them with the tools necessary to strengthen their capacity. We facilitate to form children associations at village level, mobilize them to prepare their advocacy agenda and taking their issues at macro level for influencing the authorities and policy makers. Every year YCDA organizes a mega Children Assembly (Children’s Festival) and celebrate their success and achievements. Children who have done commendable work are felicitated and encouraged!
This programme further strengthened with support of Kids Rights in the year 2015-16. Through this programme we built capacities of about 500 children’s group at village level and facilitated to work on ensuring their rights through lobby and advocacy. Through this process numerous champions have emerged who have done a tremendous job to achieve a common goal. Not only they mobilize their peers in the village, but also have strong potentials to influence other children in the region through their exemplary work.

Target Group:

The programme is applicable for children between the age group of 12 to 18 who wants to promote the issue related to child rights in their villages and neighbouring areas. In few instances, children in the age group of 19 -21 are also encouraged to be a part of this momentum.

The programme facilitated in following three Stages

Stage:I Pre-Intervention state: Mobilization and Awareness Generation
Mobilization and Awareness building: Creating awareness among the children and young adults about the change makers and identify potential change makers through one to one dialogue, using campaign materials and explaining detail about the programme.
Stage:II Capacity Building on Change Makers
A group of strong motivated children /Young adults are identified who go through a structured capacity building process on proposal writing, advocacy, communication and leadership process.
Stage: III Action Intervention: Support and Mentoring
After the capacity building programme, identified change makers supported to work in their respective proposals by our Mentors. Change makers on various issues related to Child marriage, school dropouts, environment protection, child labor etc.