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Smokeless Chula


About 70% of the population in India lives in rural areas. The rural energy scenario is characterized by inadequate, poor and unreliable supply of energy services and large dependence on traditional biomass fuels. Non-commercial energy sources, predominantly fuel wood, chips and dung cakes, contribute around 30% of the total primary energy consumed in the country. Biomass is primarily used for meeting the cooking and heating requirements through traditional Chula (stoves) and furnaces that have very low efficiencies, accounts for only 6% -10%. Hence rural households have to spend about 10% of total household expenditure on energy for cooking and lighting.

This results in increase in demand of firewood that accelerates the felling of wood resulting in deforestation. However, with a little effort, it is possible to increase the thermal efficiency of these Chula considerably. Smoke less Chula (Improved fuel wood stoves) would reduce:

  • Firewood consumption substantially

  • Pressure on CPR/Forest

  • Time and effort on collection of firewood

  • Smoke related health hazard as women are at high risk due to long exposure  to smoke

  • Environmental hazard and thereby make their utility economical & efficient.

To meet the challenges YCDA in collaboration with DF and other NGOs like PAP,WORD &WOSCA started working on Smokeless Chulha project at different districts of Odisha ,namely Boudh, Bolangir and Keonjhar


Overall Objective

To enhance the quality of life of children and youth of marginalised communities in Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and Orissa through Fair Economic Development and Carbon Mitigation thereby leading to socially fulfilling, and economically sustainable lives and to create sustainable livelihood opportunities for the communities..

Duration of program:12 Months (April 2014-March 2015)

Specific Objectives:

  • To provide sustainable economic activities to young boys and girls including disabled youth who are aged between 16- 25year.
  • To reduce spending on scarce non renewable energy resources (firewood and kerosene) and use the money for other profitable initiatives, create awareness in the community on alternate energy sources and carbon mitigation.
  • To create employment opportunity and entrepreneurship development among the community.






  •  TOT to 80 Micro Entrepreneur (4 batches , each 20 participants –Two from PAP &YCDA ,Two batches from WOSCA &WORD )
  • Installation of smokeless Chula by Micro Entrepreneur.
  •  Branding and Marketing strategy and IEC material development in local language.
  • Support to implementing partner.



Recent News

Friday, 04 November 2016

Celebration of Dan Utsav

YCDA in collaboration with JITM, Bolangir a premier education institute organized Dan Utsav on 6th October 2016.The prime objective of the programme is to Celebrate success and spread the message of an act of giving & evoking that the happiness not only gives happy to the receivers but it gives much happy to the givers as “The Power of Giving is greater than Joy of Receiving”. With the support of YCDA these children are rehabilitated in the Family based non-institutional forms of child care. The JITM student, staffs and management came forward to join their hand to fulfill the wish of the children living under non institutional care. On this occasion gifts were distributed among 37 children. The Children were spreading happiness through putting happy dots.

Special Olympics

Special Olympics has been accredited program and reached out to the children who never get opportunity to participate in a common platform to show their talents .YCDA has taken this opportunity of organizing this programme. Two days programme i.e 1st & 2nd October ,16 was conducted for the special children where more than 200 children from all three blocks of Boudh District have participated in the different events conducted and get encourage for expressing their potentiality and innovative skills. During the inauguration and validation ceremony the district administrative and the other line department personals including the District Collector Mr. Madhusudan Mishra joined and encouraged to the children.

Tarang- SBCC Training to ASHAs on Routine Immunisation

YCDA in collaboration with NRHM & health department is continuing Tarang-SBCC training programme at YCDA Baunsuni Mahanadi Conference Hall. This time participants are from Boudh & Kantamal block. Major thrust of the programme is to train ASHAs on demand generation of routine immunization & maintain health, hygiene.

Workshop on the Child Rights & Protection

YCDA has been organized a pro-community programmes called G.P. level workshop in 6 GPs of Boudh & Bolangir Districts and sharing the findings among the stakeholders with a view to bringing all of them to a common platform where their awareness level of child rights need to upturned and they would prepare a plan of action, with our support, to sort out many issues like Birth Certificate, Malnutrition, Dropout, unsafe AWC buildings, boundary-less school and roads replete with potholes.

Children Camps

The Children Camps was organised by YCDA in 10 clusters of Boudh & Bolangir districts. The programme was provided significant platform to the children either deprived or who have not got this opportunity to attend and enjoy, through this programme it was showcased the hidden talents and their knowledge of children. Apart from it children could get the opportunity to learn the Child rights & protection systems existed in the community. The programme was a grand success because of the required cooperation from the all the teachers who are voluntarily taken their responsibility of smooth managements. We are thankful to them and for their kind cooperation.

Annual Review cum Planning Workshop

A two days annual cum planning workshop has been organised by YCDA at Gopalpur. All the staffs working in the organisation gathered for two days to reflect their progress and concern. The programme heads of the project present their achievements against milestone fixed and planned for the coming year. The feedbacks from management helped a lot for shaping the future direction of the programme. Existing policies of the organisation has been reviewed & appropriate action taken.

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